Why Does The Stock
Market Go Up?

Have you ever heard a headline like “The Dow fell 300 points today” and had no idea what it meant? You’re not alone! The vast majority of us aren’t taught anything about the stock market or investing while we were in school. That’s a shame because the stock market is the greatest wealth-creation machine of all time, yet most of us have no clue about what it is, how it works, or how to start investing.

In “Why Does The Stock Market Go Up?”, Brian Feroldi demystifies the stock market by explaining what it is and how it works using easy-to-understand terms and simple examples. This book was designed to arm ordinary people with the knowledge that they need to build extraordinary wealth.

About Brian

Brian Feroldi is a financial educator, YouTuber, and author. He has been intensely interested in money, personal finance, and investing ever since he graduated from college.

Brian started investing in 2004. In the beginning, he had no idea what he was doing and got his teeth kicked in. His returns improved dramatically over time as his experience and knowledge about the stock market grew.

Brian’s career mission statement is “to spread financial wellness.” He loves to help other people do better with their money, especially their investments. He has written more than 3,000 articles on stocks, investing, and personal finance for the Motley Fool.

In 2022, Brian’s book Why Does The Stock Market Go Up? was published. The mission of the book is “to demystify the stock market.” It was written to explain how the stock market works in plain English.

Brian lives in New England with his wife and three kids.

Why Did You Write This Book?

As an avid investor, nothing makes me more frustrated than when I see ads for financial services that make it sound like this is all “unknowable” or “complicated.” Really, the stock market isn’t all that complicated, but for generations that has been the message to everyone. And, none of this is really taught in school.